Library of Curious and Unusual Facts
Library of Curious and Unusual Facts
The Library of Curious and Unusual Facts was published in the early 90's as a catch-all compendium of odd information. I've wanted to get a set of these since I first read about them, but so far due to bad timing on my part I've not managed to get them.

One thing I don't like about them, though, is the color they chose to put the title in. In each of the 18 volumes the gold script title is washed out and nearly illegible on the cover of the book; the one to the left is about the BEST of the group.
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Barnes & Noble
A World Of Luck
Above and Beyond
All the Rage
Amazing Animals
Crimes And Punishments
Feats And Wisdoms of the Ancients
Forces Of Nature
Hoaxes and Deceptions
Inventive Genius
Lost Treasure
Manias and Delusions
Mysteries of the Human Body
Odd And Eccentric People
Odd Jobs
Science Astray
Shadows Of Death
The Mystifying Mind

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