Home Repair and Improvement
Home Repair and Improvement
The Home Repair and Improvement series is one of the longest and most advertised series published by Time-Life. I still remember seeing the commercials for these books starring Bob Villa hyping up how easy it is to make yourself a new kitchen or bathroom.

What they don't mention, of course, is that if you are mechanically disinclined and you live in a festering pit apartment, you won't really have much need for these. Still, though, everyone I know who's read these say that they are well done.
Collector's beware! There are several printings of these books out there, and the newest printing books are spiral bound with a hard cover over the top; they look kind of odd.
Search for this series on eBay!
Click here for a printer-friendly Home Repair and Improvement checklist.

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Adding On
Advanced Masonry
Advanced Wiring
Advanced Woodworking
Basic Wiring
Cabins and Cottages
Doors and Windows
Energy Alternatives
Fireplaces and Woodstoves
Floors and Stairways
Heating and Cooling
Home Security
Kitchens and Bathrooms
New Living Spaces
Outdoor Recreation Areas
Outdoor Structures
Paint and Wallpaper
Porches and Patios
Recreational Areas
Repairing Appliances
Repairing Furniture
Roofs and Siding
Small Engines
Space and Storage
Special Purpose Rooms
The Home Workshop
The Old House
Walls and Ceilings
Workign with Plastics
Working with Metal
Working with Wood

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